The Lambda Distinguished Graduate Award honors those Graduate Brothers of Lambda Chapter who best exemplify the core values of the fraternity: friendship, knowledge, service, morality, and excellence.

Each year, Graduate Brothers nominate other Lambda Graduate Brothers for recognition with the Lambda Distinguished Graduate Award. Nominees may be living or Ad Astra. Nominees should have demonstrated involvement with and support for Lambda, Phi Gamma Delta, DePauw University, community involvement, and life achievements.

Founded on June 24, 1856, Lambda Chapter is the oldest continually operating chapter of the International Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta. The Lambda Distinguished Graduate Award recognizes graduate brothers who have contributed to Lambda’s rich history and traditions by their example. Recipients bring distinction to the Lambda Chapter, Phi Gamma Delta, and DePauw University. Their time, talents, dedication, and resources further the ideals of the fraternity with their lifelong commitment to excellence. Each recipient is a credit to our valued brotherhood. Each is a constant reminder that Phi Gamma Delta “is not for college days alone.”


April 2018
Thomas B. Grooms 1966
Buren McCormack 1930 (ad astra)
Eric A. Wolfe 2004

April 2016
Porter McCoy 2013
William H. McGaughey 1935 (ad astra)
Warren Reynolds 1939 (ad astra)

April 2014
James M. Deitz 1970
William W. Graham 1962
Robert A. Wunderlich Jr. 1988

April 2013
Joseph J. Atria 1981
Gary L. Wegenke 1960
James A. Yoder 1970

April 2012
Robert K. Kleinops 1970
Stanford K. McCoy 1993
James F. Thornburg 1933 (ad astra)

April 2010
Thomas W. Boswell 1966
Philip G. Heyde 1972
Douglas S. Ingersoll 1988
Robert S. Johnson 1990
Robert F. Wells 1966

April 2009
Charles A. Beard 1898 (ad astra)
Russell O. LaMore 1988
Clark “Bud” Orr 1965

April 2008
Richard H. “Doc” Crowder 1931 (ad astra)
Douglas D. Mitchell 1970
James D. “Jay” Moore IV 1974
Wade R. Nichols 1972

September 2006
Edwin C. Boswell 1931 (ad astra)
Bernard C. Kilgore 1929 (ad astra)
Douglas A. Smith 1968
J Stanford Smith 1936 (ad astra)

April 2006
William Henry Abney 1858 (ad astra)
Harvey Cheek 1857 (ad astra)
Hiram Wilbur Cloud 1857 (ad astra)
Jesse Squire Gathright 1858 (ad astra)
Paul B. Qua 1982
John Slavens 1858 (ad astra)
Luther Clay Slavens 1858 (ad astra)

April 2005
Joseph B. Carney 1950 (ad astra)
George H. Dirks 1929 (ad astra)
Judson C. Green Jr. 1974
George C. “Kit” Lortz 1962
George E. Lortz 1934 (ad astra)
Kurt J. Mahrdt 1928 (ad astra)
J. Kurt Mahrdt Jr. 1956
Frederick F. Thornburg 1963