At Phi Gamma Delta, we stress Friendship as one of our five values. We live this value by striving to ensure that all of our guests, new members, undergraduate brothers, and graduate brothers feel welcome.

At Lambda FIJI, we are not just a fraternity. We are a family, and we are a home. In dire times we keep our doors open. For example, as many of our brothers are international students, we understand how some may be unable to travel back home for breaks. After the evacuation of students from campus due to COVID-19 in the spring of 2020, we left our doors open for brothers who were not able to return home due to closed borders or other special circumstances. Also, during Thanksgiving break we hold a Thanksgiving Dinner, open to all students on campus as we realize it’s very hard to get food when all of the on-campus food options and local restaurants are closed.

Here at Lambda FIJI you will find yourself in a welcoming atmosphere among brothers from various walks of life and different countries. Embracing Friendship as a value has been prominent to the diversity of our chapter. While we all come from different backgrounds, Friendship, along with the rest of our values, have proved essential in bringing our brothers together. As Lambda FIJIs, we embrace our differences as they are key to who we are as individuals and essential to making lifelong authentic and valuable friendships.