A little bit of Phi Gamma Delta history  

Our fraternity has had a long and noteworthy past. Although many of us finished our new member education many years ago, we thought it was time to share a few more fun facts about the history of Phi Gamma Delta.  

  • Over 203,000 brothers have been initiated since our founding in 1848.
  • Of those, 141,000 brothers are still living.
  • In this month of the year 1928, the Greek letters of “Phi Gamma Delta” were registered as U.S. trademark No. 246,758.
  • “Fiji Sires and Sons” is composed of fathers and sons who are members of Phi Gamma Delta. Six Fiji fathers founded Sires and Sons at the White House in Washington, DC on Founders Day, May 1, 1925. Calvin Coolidge, then President of the United States, was one of its original members.
  • Access to a digital archive for all chapters, including the Lambda chapter, can be found here.

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