Brother Spotlight on Tsian DeFour ’22

Written by Luke Blackley, Corresponding Secretary

Tsian DeFour ’22 is a senior film studies major from Brooklyn, New York. On campus over his last four years he’s played on the football team and sat on the board of allocations. Currently he serves as Vice President of Allocations at DePauw where he gets to oversee the distribution of funds to various campus organizations. Tsi is currently focusing on his projects at DePauw, but after graduation he hopes to work in the art scene. “Ultimately I would be working in several different art scenes, helping people create projects, not just film.” Tsi rushed FIJI as a freshman for the same reason many people do, because he felt like he could be himself. Lately he’s noticed how people are really stepping up, adding that “taking care of a house is a lot of work, so it’s beautiful to watch these guys leaning into that and actively working to improve the chapter”. Tsi also mentioned how he joined the house because of how the upper class man were such good mentors, which is inspiring because he has absolutely been a mentor to me.

One thought on “Brother Spotlight on Tsian DeFour ’22

  1. Hello! I looked Tsian up and watched a couple of his short films on The YouTubes. They reminded me a little of the shorts that I made around the same age. I realize Tsian’s art interests are not limited to film, but I myself went to film school for, and have spent the last couple decades trying to figure out how movie story works and how story, in my mind, relates to plot and how they work together in movies. I did my best to capture what I’ve learned in a 45 minute video that Tsian can watch, if he’s interested, at It’s the story analysis of ONCE UPON A TIME…IN HOLLYWOOD by Quentin Tarantino., located in the playlist “Manning Road’s Top Ten.” If he hasn’t seen it, Tsian would have to watch that film first, although wouldn’t need to see all the movies discussed in the video. Anyway, I wanted to potentially share what took me a long time to understand and to wish Tsian luck as he pursues his artistic passions.

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