Fall New Members

  • Yuko Yutaka ‘24
    • Yuko Yutaka is a sophomore from Tokyo, Japan. He plans to major in Education Studies and intends on finding a supporting minor. When asked why he joined FIJI: “I joined FIJI simply because I found the community and its people very welcoming and comfortable, that is, it affords me tremendous opportunities to socialize with friends while giving my own time. What I am looking forward to the most about FIJI is to live in the house and share times, thoughts and experiences with brothers.”

  • Anthony Syler’24
    • Anthony is a neuroscience major in the class of ‘24 from Hammond, IN. His interests include movies, swimming, and science. His passion has been Neuroscience since 5th, but he also is interested in philosophy and where the two intersect. When asked why he joined FIJI: “I chose FIJI because of the brotherhood I saw. I went to Mount Carmel High School which is an all-boys school. I chose to go to this school for the same reason. I am the youngest and only boy in my family, so the sense of brotherhood is new but exciting to me. I am looking forward to having more people to call my brothers and be a part of the brotherhood.