Lambda FIJI Cabinet Biographies

Peyton Dewaelsche ’22
Position: President
Hometown: Fishers, IN 
Major: Geology and Physics
How I’m serving the house: I am serving the house by diligently working to make the house and DePauw’s campus a better place, despite the uncertainty that the current time brings. 

Brandon Jordan ’22
Position: Treasurer
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Major: Theatre, Economics, Creative Writing
How I’m serving the house: I am helping brothers and committee chairs make smart fiscal decisions, and using my time on IFC to help train brothers on how to be leaders on campus and within the house.

Riley Reed ’23
Position: Corresponding secretary
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Major: Spanish and Communications
How I’m serving the house: I am bringing brothers together from across all backgrounds, and promoting a sense of unity among both graduate and undergraduate brothers. 

Christian Jones ’23
Position: Recording Secretary
Hometown: Pendleton, IN
Major: Psychology
How I’m serving the house: I am taking an active role in my brother’s mental health. I pride myself on being a person to lean on. In times like this, it is essential to make sure everyone has someone to talk to. 

Tyler Morris ’23
Position: Historian
Hometown: Avon, IN 
Major: Physics
How I’m serving the house: I am playing an active role in brotherhood and health and safety during these trying times.