New Cabinet Members

  • Solomon Alhakeem’23, President
    • Solomon Alhakeem is from Houston, Texas. He is a High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) graduate, and he is also a Houston Grand Opera Bauer Family High School Voice Studio graduate. Solomon is pursuing a 5-Year B.M. in Vocal Performance and a B.A. Archaeology. He is also a Gilman Scholarship recipient and volunteers as a member of Mashrou Wanabqa on Instagram. When asked why he joined Fiji: “I joined Fiji because of the hospitality and genuine friendships that were reminiscent of life in my homeland, Syria.

  • Siddhanta Phuyal’23, Treasurer
    • Siddhanta is from Kathmandu, Nepal and is double majoring in Actuarial Science and Computer Science and a minor in Accounting and Finance for decision making. When asked why he joined FIJI: “FIJI is a cool place and lets me be who I am. It is a place where I can learn about different cultures. The guys are fun. What I really love about FIJI are the long conversations with brothers from different backgrounds and the learning to see things from their perspectives.” 

  • Gavin Wise ‘24, Recording Secretary
    • Gavin is from the small town of Monrovia, Indiana, and is pursuing a BMA in saxophone and Physics. When asked why he joined FIJI: “I joined FIJI because of the individualistic atmosphere and the great work hard play hard mentality that is ingrained in Lambda Fiji’s culture.”

  • Luke Blackley ‘24, Corresponding Secretary
    • Luke Blackley is from Ashland, Ohio and is majoring in Anthropology with intent to minor in Computer Science. Luke also is a first-year mentor, admissions ambassador, and plays drums in Jazz Ensemble and other combos around campus. When asked why he joined FIJI: “I joined FIJI because of the connections I made with brothers. It’s a place where I’m appreciated for being an individual but pushed to be the best I can each day.”

  • Yassine El Maazouzi’24, Historian
    • Yassine El Maazouzi is a sophomore from Rabat, Morocco. He’s majoring in computer science and economics. If he’s not coding or sitting downstairs at the dinner table listening to some music, he’ll be on the soccer field playing what he believes is the best sport. When asked why he joined FIJI: “I believe that FIJI is the best fraternity on campus and what makes it special is the good in the people that live in it. I joined because he felt like he was home although I’m 4200 miles away.”


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  1. When I was at Fiji, our farthest away members were from Kentucky. Now you have men from across the globe. Congratulations on helping to bring the fraternity into the modern age!

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