This past semester was an exciting time for the Off Campus External Relations committee and for the house as a whole as we were able to host our first annual Dads Weekend. We as a chapter decided that an event such as this, as well as a similar one for the Moms come this spring semester, is a necessary step towards fostering a strong relationship between the house and the parents of our members. On average the parents have very few chances to come through and interact with the house in a way that fosters their understanding of what we as a house truly stand for, and events such as these are a good way for them to see all that our chapter has to offer to their sons.

We began Friday night with a cook out for the dads as they arrived, as well as having a bonfire, which gave a good opportunity for the dads to relax with their son and acquaint themselves with other dads and men from the house. Early Saturday morning we were fortunate enough to be able to relax with our dads while watching several of our brothers compete in a rugby match and follow that up with a campus golf tournament between the sons and their dads. The friendly competition between the dads and sons was evident and everyone had a fun time spending an hour walking around campus while playing the game (and a dad even won the tournament!) We also took our dads out to dinner in Greencastle and enjoyed corn hole in the backyard with them later that night while having another bonfire.

I was glad to be able to work with the house to help bring about the first annual Dads Weekend, a new tradition that I hope persists through the years. It is an enjoyable weekend for both the fathers and the sons where everyone can relax and enjoy their time with their fraternity brothers and family. It is also a great way of strengthening the houses connections with its members parents and allowing those parents to experience and get to know what the house truly stands for and what it is giving to their sons. I personally heard many dads mention that they had not known much about the house as a whole and that this weekend had given them a new perspective on the house that their sons are so involved in and Greek life as a whole. That is exactly the reason why fun events like this with the parents are crucial, because it allows for a better understanding between them and the chapter as a whole and allows us to get their support for our house as well instead of the parents not being sure what exactly their son is involved in. I had a great time putting together and attending the first annual Phi Gamma Delta Dads Weekend, and I hope it becomes a tradition for years to come.

– Seth Mills