by William Harsha ’19 | Chapter President
The biggest update for the semester is the results of rush. This year, we have welcomed 17 new brothers into the chapter and they bring with them enthusiasm, energy, and skills that will better the chapter. Among them we have the fastest freshman cross country runner (Aaron Worley), an offensive lineman on the football team (John Pasch), two management fellows (Trip Apley, Gage Smitley) and an environmental fellow (Mamoune Bouchareb). We also drew from all over the globe, including places like Mongolia (Erkhembayar Baasanbayar), Vietnam (Dui Nguyen), and Pakistan (Saram Waraich). Their majors are just as diverse and continue the current house trend of many majors, lending perspective and new ideas to the chapter.

As we welcome new brothers in we are sad to see our eight seniors go. Their accomplishments are incredible and we thank them for all they have done for the house in their time here. Craig Wallace will be in Cambridge, England, for graduate school, Chris Kaercher is joining the Marines, and Jonathan Brugman will pursue a Ph.D. in computer science.

We also have greatly enjoyed the completed renovation and are beyond thankful for all of the graduate brothers who contributed financially and with expertise. I have to give one extra thank you to Tom Grooms for being incredibly generous as well as providing vision for the reconstruction. We also want to thank the members of House Corp. and BCA—without them we would never be in the great place we are today.