Spring 2021 Recruitment Update


The Lambda chapter welcomes 18 new members for Spring 2021. We did among the best in formal recruitment this year coming in one of the top 5 houses in numbers. We ended up with 12 guys who joined through formal recruitment and 6 open bids totaling 18 new members. Our new members come from various walks of life and bring vibrancy to our Lambda Fiji family. We have guys who are as close as from Greencastle and as far as Morocco, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, & Japan. Our new members are not only of diverse backgrounds, but they also have varied interests and passions whether they be music, theatre, computer science, or biochemistry. 

We are ever grateful for our graduate brothers’ help with recruitment this year. Whether it was monetary or voluntary, our graduate brothers’ help with recruitment by living out our “Not For College Days Alone” motto proved monumental to our success. I would like to extend a special thank you to our graduate panelists for formal recruitment: Thomas Grooms, Nic Flores, Andrew Porter, and Charles Behr. We are truly grateful for your help and support. Additionally, I would like to thank the members of our Board of Chapter Advisors and all of our graduate brothers who helped with recruitment this year whether it was by doing an Instagram Takeover Story, making a phone call to a potential new member, or helping us with funds for our recruitment efforts.

We truly appreciate your time and dedication to Lambda Fiji and are forever grateful to you. Despite the financial and other life strains that our brothers have undergone throughout this year, I am once again damn proud to be a Fiji given how our brothers persisted and gave it their all for recruitment.



Solomon Alhakeem