Welcome the newest grads to Graduate Brotherhood! 

It is with great honor that we announce the newest fraternity alums! We reached out to our newest grads and asked them what they gained from Phi Gamma Delta, why they joined, and where they are headed after graduation. Join us in welcoming them to the alumni brotherhood!


Nikita Polyakov

I joined Fiji because I felt like the amount of different cultures I encountered here has been amazing for my development as an adult and world view. I aim to develop software and learn more about technology in my post grad career.


Patrick Amaro Rivera

I joined Phi Gamma Delta for an awesome brotherhood and amazing experience. I gained a lot of wonderful memories that will live forever. After college, I will work for Amazon as a software engineer.


Tsian DeFour


Jakub Nowak

The reason that I joined Phi Gamma Delta was because of the friendship and community that inspired me to be a better man, the connections that I have made throughout my four years, and the knowledge and memories that have been forged in my mind will always be the reason why I am a Fiji. My future plans are to go and continue my pursuit of education and get my MBA and own a company one day and create a charity for low-income students so that one day they can graduate college.


Samuel Johnson

I joined Phi Gamma Delta because I love the people here. Our house is a safe space and an environment where people from all over can feel comfortable and welcomed. I enjoy the atmosphere of love and diversity that my house has that not many other places on campus can replicate. This is what drew me into hanging out with the house members when I was younger, it was a house full of computer science kids, creative talents, and diverse people. When I was extended a bid, I accepted joyfully. I’ve done my part to maintain the beauty of this house and that laidback, brotherly love it promotes. In my time in the house, I’ve gained a sense of confidence from Phi Gamma Delta. My brothers have helped to influence my dress, my music taste, and they have taught me new skills that have allowed me to come into my own in ways I never envisioned. I wish I could do more for them, I always feel like I could have had more time with them, more conversations, I love them and I know that I may never find a brotherhood like this again. Luckily, I never will have to do that, my brothers are eternal and my love for them is unconditional, not for college days alone. After Depauw, I hope to continue studying at Northwestern in Evanston, IL with a Masters in Computer Science.


Brandon Jordan

I joined Fiji because I saw a place where I could excel. If I gained anything, I learned that even though sometimes you can do everything right and still fail – that’s life. After graduation, I’ll be moving to North Carolina to work as an Investment Associate with Truist.


Bradley Snipe

I joined Phi Gamma Delta because I knew that being a part of a greek organization would help me with my initial transition into college. I will always cherish the brotherhood and friendships that I have developed during my time in the house. Phi Gamma Delta has certainly helped me grow as an individual. As I get ready to embark on a new journey, I will never forget the role that Phi Gamma Delta played in enhancing my college experience for the better.


Gavin Lancaster

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  1. Congrats Brothers on your graduation and best of luck with your future endeavors!—Wundy
    Rob Wunderlich ’84

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