Graduate Brothers, please fill out our “Recommend a Prospective Member Form” to inform Lambda Chapter of any potential DePauw FIJI recruits you know. Then, direct potential recruits to fill out the “Prospective Member Form” below.

Most of the detailed prospective new member information is optional and some items may not be applicable.

  • Identity and contact information of the person submitting the recommendation.
  • Relationship of person submitting the recommendation to the prospective member.
  • Prospective member’s name and contact information.
  • Information about prospective member’s college and/or Greek legacy.

Prospective member:

  1. Most recent academic institution attended
  2. Current grade point average
  3. Most recent SAT or ACT score.
  4. Scholarships, awards, and/or achievements
  5. Current plans for a college major/minor.
  6. Extracurricular involvement.
  7. Leadership experience
  8. Work and/or community service experience.
  9. Any additional information.