Name: Phi Gamma Delta

Nickname: FIJI or Phi Gam

Founding Date: May 1, 1848 at Jefferson College, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania


“Phi Gamma Delta unites men in enduring friendships, stimulates the pursuit of knowledge, and builds courageous leaders who serve the world with the best that is in them.”


“To be an active, vital force of men who courageously live our values and make a positive impact on college and community.”


 Friendship,  Knowledge, Service, Morality, and Excellence


 Scholarship, Fraternity, Self


Brothers since 1848
Undergraduate brothers
Delta Colonies
Graduate Chapters


Whether your son already is a new or an initiated member at the Lambda chapter of Phi Gamma Delta or is considering doing so, we welcome the opportunity to let you know about our fraternity and answer questions that you might have. Phi Gamma Delta currently has chapters and colonies on more than 140 campuses throughout the United States and Canada. Founded in 1848, our fraternity has a long history with great traditions and many famous members.

While we are proud of our heritage, we’re well aware that you are most concerned with the experience your son will have in Phi Gamma Delta during his college years. For more information please visit

Some of the benefits of membership for your son are:

  • Opportunities to take advantage of personal development programs, such as our Taking the Lead initiative, created with Dr. Ken Blanchard, and alcohol education.
  • Inclusion in the Member Accident Protection Program. The program is intended to complement individual health insurance by covering injuries sustained in accidents, regardless of location.
  • Scholarships from the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation. The Foundation’s Academic Achievement Awards (AAA) provide a scholarship of $250 to each newly initiated member who achieves at least a 3.2 GPA during his new member term. This program is unique among fraternities.