Welcome to Lambda's Website!

Chartered on June 24, 1856, Lambda Chapter has been part of the DePauw community for 158 years, and is the oldest chapter of Phi Gamma Delta in continuous existence — a remarkable legacy by any measure!

Throughout these years, Lambda brothers have been campus leaders, outstanding scholars, athletes, and noted for accomplishments in life after DePauw.

Many have been leaders of DePauw after graduation, serving on the board of trustees, alumni board, and strongly supporting DePauw to enhance the educational experience for students today and in the future.

Congratulations to our 2019 graduates!

Read what our most recent graduates have planned for their futures, where they’re living, and some of their thoughts on being a fellow FIJI.

  Rick Brainerd Will Harsha Chuck Behr
Hometown Glen Ellyn, Illinois Indianapolis, Indiana West Lafayette, Indiana
Major Computer Science Computer Science Communications
Favorite FIJI memory Racing in Little 5 Initiation Hanging out on the front porch with whoever was around.
Plans for life after DePauw I'll be working at Appirio in Indianapolis as a salesforce technical consultant. Doing software development in Indy. Working for New York Life in Carmel, Indianapolis.
How can Lambda alumni help you? If you're in Indy, let me know! Get-togethers between grads would be great for networking and also building a social life as an adult. Networking/golf swing advice.
What advice do you have for your brothers still in the house? It's the Sunday through Thursday life that matters the most. Scholarship must always come first. Start the job search (and the process of resume building) as soon as you can and be serious about it. Eat your vegetables first.
What makes you proud to be a FIJI? Seeing graduate brothers succeed in so many different fields and facets of life. Women feel safe in our house and that will never change. Getting close to such a wide range of talented and funny individuals who still feel like a family. Also, utilizing the time in the house for inward improvement.
  Bijay Ranabhat Andrew Johnson Connor Berry
Hometown Kathmandu, Nepal Avon, Indiana Lee's Summit, Missouri
Major Computer Science Psychology Urban Studies
Favorite FIJI memory Living in the old house for my sophomore year with my pledge brothers in the same floor, first FIJI Isle. Porch chilling and playing Nirvana way too loud. I started playing basketball almost every weekend this semester and, although I'm often groaning about the other things I need to do, it has been a great way to stay close with a 2018 graduate, a brother currently living out, and my roommate.
Plans for life after DePauw I am still looking for jobs. I will be moving to Chicago immediately after graduation. Working at TQL as a logistics account executive in Indianapolis. Currently looking for a job in urban planning, local food systems planning (urban planning but for food), or urban farming.
How can Lambda alumni help you? I would definitely like to network with as many FIJI connections as I can. I would love to find FIJI alumni in the logistics and supply chain industry. Also in sales to gain some advice or knowledge about the trade. If I could get connected to people in the urban farming or urban planning fields that would be a great help, especially if they're looking for interns.
What advice do you have for your brothers still in the house? Living in a fraternity is a collective effort. Build a strong support system within your pledge class. Communicate with older members and graduates. Things come to those who work hard. Don't expect anything to fall into your lap. Do your house job. Also, make time for each other.
What makes you proud to be a FIJI? I have made my most important friendships at FIJI. I will always look back at my time in FIJI as the best time of my life. FIJI taught me how to make responsible life decisions and I will always have that. No matter how much success I get in the coming years, I will never forget what FIJI has done for me. To sum it up, FIJI's continuous dedication to building meaningful relationships makes me proud to be a FIJI. The five values. I know how important these are because I still see them in the graduate brothers who come back, and the ones who help keep the place afloat. Our desire to be a safe and welcoming house for all people