Continuing Lambda's Legacy

Era Captains & Class Agent Volunteers

The Lambda brothers listed below have volunteered as Era Captains and Class Agents. Era Captains are designed with an asterick(*).

  • Thomas O. Dawson '62*
  • George C. Lortz '62*
  • Jeffrey E. Lortz '65*
  • Craig R. Stokely '67
  • Robert K. Kleinops '70*
  • Steven F. Pope '70
  • Michael J. Scalzo '70
  • John P. Doan '71*
  • Steven R. Jacobs '71
  • Joseph Vosicky 0 71
  • Wade Nichols '72
  • Edward B. Martin '73
  • F.L. Dennis Logan 74
  • Paul S. Detlefs 77*
  • Paul B. Qua '82*
  • J. Michael Pickett '86
  • David P. Holub '87*
  • Daniel E. Kiely '92
  • Justin T. Glass '93*
  • David W. Qua '94
  • Jay Cullen Howe '95
  • John W. Malloy '95
  • James J. Bell '96
  • David B. Seawell '96
  • Philip Lee McFarland '97
    2000 to present
  • Aaron J. Hackman '02
  • Sean M. Barrie '03
  • Eric A. Wolfe '04
  • Matthew T. Cahill '05*
  • Nicholas P. Dimos '05
  • Michael B. Knight '06
  • Andrew B. Cole '07
  • Camron M. Parker '09*
  • Nicholas A. Johnson '10
  • Avery Archer '11*
  • Martin Hughes '11
  • Kevin Milne
  • Bryan Edwards '12*
  • Jared P. Norman '12
  • Gerard Pannekoek '12
  • Reid Conner '13
  • Matthew P. Hellmann '13
  • Orlando Ramirez '13
  • Timothy K. Zaletel '15*

Campaign Honor Roll

Is your name on the honor roll? It's not too late to pledge or increase your pledge!

as of April 30, 2017

Special thanks to Tom Grooms who recently gave an additional gift of $25,000--commemorating his fellow FIJI Terry Etter '66!

1856 Society
($250,000 and up)
Thomas B. Grooms '66

Lambda Leadership Society
Brenton H. Wadsworth '52
Thomas W. Boswell '66
Philip G. Heyde '72
Judson C. Green Jr. '74

Legionnaire Society
William W. Graham '62
Brian U. Loncar '83

South College Avenue Society
Craig R. Stokely '67
John P. Doan '71
John T. Axelberg '83

Royal Purple Society
J. Kurt Mahrdt Jr. '56
George C. Lortz '62
David M. Dirks '63 (in memory of George H. Dirks '29)
Frederick F. Thornburg '63
Robert B. Holland '65
Clark H. Orr Jr. '65
Robert A. Vedder '66
Robert K. Kleinops '70
Douglas D. Mitchell '70 (in memory of George H. Dirks '29)
Wade R. Nichols '72
James D. Moore '74

Black Diamond Society
Donald R. Mighell '56
William H. Gilbert '66
Daniel L. Swift '69
Michael W. Allee '71
William H. Arends '72
Paul S. Detlefs '77
Mark S. Flegenheimer '83
Michael D. Stratton '88

White Star Society
Leigh Alfred Stocking Jr. '51
David F. Baggerman '71
Robert H. Shaykin '71
Joseph F. Vosicky Jr. '71
William D. Anderson '73
Edward B. Martin '73
Mark C. Mills '73
F.L. Dennis Logan '74
Marco Pompeo '74
Eric J. Vale '81
Timothy W. Boehm '84
Russell O. LaMore '88
Jere W. Dutt III '90
Stanford K. McCoy '93
Matthew T. Cahill '05
Timothy Kevin Zaletel '15

Tiger FIJI Society
David S. Johnson '53
Robert K. Whipple '53
Norman F. Jay '55
Bruce W. Parker '56
Robert L. Erickson '58
Richard S. French '60
David R. Miller '61
James N. Ross Jr. '62
John L. Kendall '63
Philip J. Knapp '63
Paul M. Shimer '64
David W. Gilbert '65
Thomas Hosier '66
Gregory D. Pearson '66
Robert F. Wells '66
Stephen C. Norris '67
Timothy F. Campbell '69
Thomas A. Bowman '70
William K. Whyte '70
Wayne D. Martin '71
James E. Sanford '71
Alden C. Cummins III '72
Thomas R. Hartley '72
John J. Sterling '76
Stuart J. Ferguson '84
David A. Schmitz '85
Eric A. Wolfe '04
Joshua M. Wilson '05
Andrew B. Cole '07

Loyal Lambda
(Up to $999)
Bruce E. Partner '58
Bruce D. Allen '59
Robert L. Ottoman '61
Richard L. Fairchild '62
Gerald P. Shine Jr. '64
L. Terry Chappell '65
Stephen W. Hayes '66
Gordon H. Dixon '67
David C. Hinshaw '67
Wayne L. Nelson '67
David K. Walters '67
David L. Williams '67
David C. Jensen '68
Geoffrey N. Coleman '70
Paul C. Gibson '71
Steven R. Jacobs '71
Gregory A. Stauffer '71
Christopher DeGraw '72
Jeffrey M. Wright '72
Robert W. Maron '73
Douglas C. Reynolds '73
Ronald E. Large '74
Mark E. Frazer '78
J. S. Troeger '78
Robert S. Breger '80
Paul B. Qua '82
John D. Null '84
Philip A. Thomas '86
John V. Hollensteiner '89
Philip R. Ratzer '89
David Matthew Durham '95
Jay Cullen Howe '95
Jared C. Howe '95
Brant D. Rumble '95
Steven D. Wright '95
Nicholas P. Dimos '05
David B. Badger '06
David T. Furman Jr. '07
Kevin R. Kaiser '07
Bryan Edwards '12

Donor Recognition

To demonstrate proper appreciation for those who make the Continuing Lambda’s Legacy campaign successful, all donors will be permanently and prominently recognized on a commemorative wall that identifies each donor to the campaign by name and class year.

Making a Difference for Future Generations

The goal of this project is to provide for a sustainable future for Lambda of Phi Gamma Delta. Accordingly, the intent of this project is to provide funding to renovate, improve, and expand the existing chapter house, to assure future generations of Lambda FIJIs will enjoy the same benefits as their graduate brothers.

This campaign is an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime project that needs the support of all current generations of alumni to be successful.

All of us have been profoundly affected by our experiences at Lambda. Through your support, we can ensure that the high quality educational and life experiences that shaped our own lives can be shared with future generations of DePauw students.

Please make your pledge now, to help the campaign cross the finish line … we're almost there!

Giving to the Campaign

If you have questions, please contact your class agent or one of the era captains listed above. If you do not see a familiar name among the class agents or era captains, or have questions they cannot answer, feel free to contact Capital Campaign Chairman Doug Mitchell.

Pledged gifts may be given over five years

Because of the magnitude of our goal, we have structured a five-year payment period to make it possible for brothers to increase the size of their campaign pledges. Pledges made during the campaign will be counted toward the campaign totals.

Gifts may be made directly to Lambda Corporation.

Checks should be made payable to: Lambda Corporation, and note Continuing Lambda's Legacy Campaign on the memo line.

Pledge forms and contributions should be mailed to:
Continuing Lambda’s Legacy Campaign
Att: Dorothy Wysocki
P.O. Box 876, Ithaca, NY 14851-0876