At Phi Gamma Delta we understand that first and foremost our brothers are students. Therefore, we prioritize scholarship above anything else. With the help of our incentive-based scholarship plan and various study spaces within our house, our brothers are provided with the necessary tools for success. Additionally, we hold a Scholarship Dinner each semester to acknowledge our brothers’ academic achievements and to help foster individual student-faculty relationships. Our prioritizing of scholarship as it pertains to our value of Knowledge has led us to culminating a 3.4 grade point average in the spring of 2020.


One of Phi Gamma Delta’s mottos is “Building Courageous Leaders.” Leadership is nurtured in our fraternity through our New Member Education Program, committee and cabinet positions, and by giving back to our community through philanthropy and community service. Our international headquarters provides more opportunities for our undergraduate brothers in leadership development through the annual “FIJI Academy” and “The Summit.”


In addition to leadership opportunities within the house, we encourage our brothers to pursue their passions and seek leadership opportunities both on and off campus. Our brothers lead in over 20 different organizations on campus, and they participate in many more.

Finally, at Lambda FIJI, we value our brothers’ need for emotional support and personal space as a college environment can be very stressful. This is why we have FIJI Circle, a weekly confidential space and a time where brothers meet up to speak about their feelings, what they are struggling with, and what they could use help on. Additionally, our house is not set up to cram 30 or 40 guys into one cold dorm. Our brothers have the option of living in triple or double rooms that contain a separate sleeper space and a study/social space. Also, many of our brothers have the option to live in a single room at our house.