“My name is Evan Grathwohl and I am from Troy, Michigan. Upon successful completion of the Management Fellows Honors Program, I will be graduating with a major in economics with minors in international business (area of focus: Middle East), political science, and peace & conflict studies. As a brother, I was corresponding secretary, a Little 5 rider, philanthropy chairman, and, most recently, a new member educator. These leadership experiences are some of the things I never would have gotten if I had not joined FIJI. In July, I will be joining Aetna’s E.E. Cammack Group School as a sales associate. I will be moving to Cincinnati to start my career.”


“My name is Michael Hamor, I am from Chicago, Illinois, and I am a Kinesiology major. In my time at DePauw, I worked as a Compton Center for Peace and Justice intern. After graduating from DePauw, I plan to continue my education. As a brother, I have been the social chairman and on the recruitment committee. FIJI gave me my home away from home. FIJI gave a new family, and I am very grateful for the time spent with my brothers.”


“My name is Adarsh Harakangi and I am from Bangalore, India. I am a computer science and economics double major. I am still seeking a job in web development and software for after graduation. As a brother, I have been the brotherhood chairman. FIJI is my home away from home. I made many memories with my brothers who have been there for both the highs and the lows. My journey at FIJI leaves me with the confidence that I can. While I am excited to pursue my post graduation life and will soon be leaving 916 S. College Ave., I know that FIJI is not for college days alone and that I am bound to be back in the future.”


“My name is Patrick McNamara, I am from Dublin, Ohio, and I majored in neuroscience. After graduation, I plan to pursue a graduate program in educational neuroscience. One of my most rewarding experiences at DePauw was running the Best Buddies program. I also served as Active Minds’ president and as a Putnam County CERT member. Over my time at FIJI I was historian, a new member educator, and most recently I was the community service chairman. FIJI was an important experience for me. It showed me the importance of commitment and that leadership is the best way to learn growth from failure. I learned a lot about people, how we are as individuals, but also how we work in a group. I learned about identity and found that it’s a confusing and continuous journey for myself and everyone. Most importantly, I learned that unity is necessary to have and that it is most challenging to achieve.”


“My name is Gerald Pineda and I am from Chicago, Illinois. I majored in computer science and minored in studio art. I was also most recently the president of Computing Opportunities for Students of Color (COSOC). My time at FIJI started really early into my freshman year. By week two, I had already been to my first fraternity house ever and it was FIJI. It didn’t take long for this organization to become my second home. I have a lot to thank this organization for, more specifically the brothers who I have met over these past four years. They have been an influence in shaping me into the man I am today and I will forever be grateful for that. I am pleased to announce that I will be working full time after graduation for West Monroe Partners as a technical consultant. Our five values became the embodiment of my development throughout college. However, like we say, that growth is not for college days alone.”


“My name is Farukh Sarkulov and I am originally from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. However, I live in Chicago, Illinois. I double-majored in mathematics and urban policy & analysis. I also minored in philosophy. I plan on going to a graduate program for applied mathematics and finding an entry level role in finance or IT. Let me know if anyone has leads :) As a brother, I was the Lambda Chapter’s treasurer and recruitment chairman. The best way to describe my time at FIJI: frustrating yet rewarding. I love FIJI, and I am thankful for all the memories and the friendships I have made. The bonds I have with my brothers are unique and I know I will miss the days when I could walk down the hall and hang out with my buddies. Although those days are gone, my brothers and I have a lifetime ahead of us. I'm proud to be a FIJI!”


“My name is Carlos Tapia. I am from Falls Church, Virginia, and I am a political science major. I am still seeking a job in the sales and marketing industry after graduating. In my time at DePauw, I participated in the Engaged Entrepreneurship Group, Global Partners Program, and, most recently, Dharma Club. Before learning about FIJI, I never thought I would join an IFC fraternity due to my background. However, the welcoming feeling of the brothers made me change my mind. As a brother, I have been the social media manager, risk management chairman, and multicultural chairman. Over my time in FIJI, I learned how to adapt and navigate myself through the cultural shift that the house went through. With the strong support group of my brothers and friends, I was able to deepen my self-confidence and step out of my comfort zone more.”


“My name is Jason Veloz and I am from Bronx, New York. I am a Posse Scholar, and I majored in computer science. As part of the Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP), I was a Faculty Instructional Technology Support (FITS) student director. I am still in search of a job for after graduation. I am hoping to work as a technical consultant. My time at FIJI helped me grow immensely socially and professionally. Before becoming a member I would commonly feel social anxiety. This anxiety often made its way into my working life, as I would struggle to communicate effectively with professors and employers. Being surrounded by brothers who wholeheartedly support me and my endeavors really helped to alleviate this anxiety. I am happy to say that now, as I graduate DePauw, it no longer weighs down on me and my life as it once did. I would not be able to go into interviews with the confidence that I have today if my brothers didn't help build me into the person I am today. FIJI has shown me that I possess the inner strength needed to accomplish my personal and professional goals, and I know that in the future should I ever begin to doubt myself again, my brothers are only a phone call away.”


“My name is Da'Jeal Willaby-Partee and I am from Chicago, Illinois. I am a Bonner Scholar, I majored in neuroscience, and I minored in biochemistry. I am preparing for the MCAT and I am exploring the possibility of working for a traumatic brain injury clinic. In my time at FIJI, I served as the philanthropy chairman, president, and, most recently, as a new member educator. FIJI was the support system I needed to navigate my college career. I never felt a need to be a part of the in-crowd, but a community by which I felt challenged to succeed, unconditionally accepted, and comfortable enough to ask for help was what I found in FIJI. Growing up with a scarcity of male role models, I turned to my brothers when faced with the question of what kind of man I wanted to be. Through all the hardships, hilarious late night conversations, fundamental disagreements, study sessions that lasted long after sunrise, and memories I wouldn't trade for all the riches in the world, I knew the kind of man I wanted to be. A man who shares the wisdom he has gathered from his past failures with those close to him to ensure they do not make the same mistakes. A man who seeks to better himself and those who support him. A man who smiles in the face of academic hardship and welcomes the learning opportunity. I strive to be a Phi Gam Man.”