“My name is Jason Veloz, and I am from Bronx, NY. I am a Posse Scholar, and I majored in Computer Science. As part of the Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP), I was a Faculty Instructional Technology Support (FITS) Student Director. I am still in search of a job for after graduation. I am hoping to work as a technical consultant. My time at Fiji helped me grow immensely socially and professionally. Before becoming a member I would commonly feel social anxiety. This anxiety often made its way into my working life, as I would struggle to communicate effectively with professors and employers. Being surrounded by brothers who wholeheartedly support me and my endeavours really helped to alleviate this anxiety. I am happy to say that now as I graduate DePauw it no longer weighs down on me and my life as it once did. I would not be able to go into interviews with the confidence that I have today if my brothers didn’t help build me into the person I am today. Fiji has shown me that I possess the inner strength needed to accomplish my personal and professional goals, and I know that in the future should I ever begin to doubt myself again, my brothers are only a phone call away.”